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Alex Dillon


Hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Alexander Dillon is an Athens, GA based jazz drummer, percussionist and composer. A lifelong musician, his practice centers on live performance and no matter the style, serving the music is always at the heart of his philosophy. By actively seeking out a diverse range of musical projects, Alex has built up a broad musical vocabulary that affords him a post-genre approach to his playing.

Mr Dillon’s teaching centers around building up good fundamentals and helping his students work towards facilitating effortless results on the drums. As a teaching artist, Alex focuses on the needs of the student first and foremost. Every student is different and is going to require a slightly different approach when learning drums and percussion for the first time. He has helped students of all ages reach their rhythmic goals be it mastering a concert snare part or developing vocabulary on the drumset.

Alex currently holds a Masters of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Music from the Longy School of Music and Bachelor of the Arts in East Asian Studies from Dickinson College. He was a presenting clinician at the 2019 Annual Jazz Educators’ Network conference and has studied with Bill Lucas, Neal Smith, Bob Gulotti, Dave Zygmunt, John Piefer and Greg Strohman.

Nowadays, you can find Alex performing with the cadre of jazz musicians around downtown Athens as well as with the Colin Manko Trio and the Brazilian Forró group Bichos Vivos. He has written and recorded music with Boston based groups The Stillpoint and AHHA, and has released music independently as well as on the Anthrophonic label.

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