music education
in Athens, GA
and beyond

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the virtues of music education accessible to all communities in Athens-Clarke County and beyond, and to increase students’ chances for success in life through high quality musical instruction. In doing so, we will foster a positive, productive sense of togetherness among the people in our community through artistic collaboration.

There is no limit on the positive effect this project can have on the kids. It can change their lives completely, and the ripple effect in other areas of their lives, and on the whole community, is endless.

- Jeremy Roberts

public defender, musician


Brian Smith


HEART Music teacher

Music education furthers our art and allows us to be part of a chain of student to teacher wisdom that has been passed down for many years.

Marjorie Harris

ukulele student

My mom, Marjorie Harris, lived at Wesley Woods in Athens, GA and was getting music instruction from Brian Smith. Music was such a bright spot in her day, especially during COVID.

Music has no age limits. Thank you for all you do!

- Heather Harris

Megan Williams


HEART Music Secretary

In this pandemic, music education is important because it’s the most joyful form of learning. What kids and teachers gain form music education is the self-esteem that kids might not have know they wanted or needed. The overarching goal is not the product but the joy and expression of learning music.

Community Voices:
Why is music education important to you?
Thank you HEART Music and Brian Smith for working with Clarke Central guitar students this entire past school year. I would not have known what to do without Brian’s expertise, teaching the advanced kids. Thank you for all your incredible support of music in our schools!
-Dr. Eunice Kang
Orchestra Director, Clarke Central High School