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music education
in Athens, GA
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Our Philosophy

Everyone is important.

We believe that each student contributes in their own unique, vital way, and that every contribution is worthwhile.

Progress over perfection.

We believe that the process of taking incremental steps toward success is just as important as success itself. 


It’s about more than music.

We believe that music helps students learn to direct their actions toward specific goals, understand themselves and their emotions, and work with others as a team--valuable life skills that students will take wherever they go.


Learning requires relationships.

We believe that students need to feel seen, heard, and understood in order to reach their highest potential. We emphasize working in small-group and one-on-one settings, allowing students to build strong relationships with our teachers and their peers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the virtues of music education accessible to all communities in Athens-Clarke County, and to increase students’ chances for success in life through high quality musical instruction. In doing so, we will foster a positive, productive sense of togetherness among the people in our community through artistic collaboration.

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There is no limit on the positive effect this project can have on the kids. It can change their lives completely, and the ripple effect in other areas of their lives, and on the whole community, is endless.

- Jeremy Roberts

public defender, musician


Jacqueline Smith

Athens native


Music has been such an inspiration to me. Throughout my life I have immersed myself in music. Growing up with hearing loss did not stop me from wanting to learn to play an instrument. I got my chance in 5th grade to sign up for orchestra. I tried many instruments and I liked the cello. I played in orchestra from 5th grade until 8th grade. It was an amazing enrichment to my life. I am fortunate to have had wonderful music teachers.

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Dr. Maxine Easom

Athens native

retired teacher and principal

Co-Author of Across The River. The People, Places, and Culture of East Athens

I believe that music is the language of the soul. Music education is the vehicle for unleashing student creativity, allowing students to share their innermost selves with others. It is also a vehicle for helping students understand and deal with their own feelings and emotions. Most importantly, “speaking the language of music” builds confidence in the student as nothing else can. Music education is a gift which every person should receive!


Will Paschal


Music transcends generations. Specialized skills like music need to be passed down through generations to prosper, and it takes a lifetime of learning to master these skills. Older, more knowledgeable folks pass along their expertise to younger folks so the process of learning can continue through a cycle of connection.

Community Voices:
Why is music education important to you?
Thank you HEART Music and Brian Smith for working with Clarke Central guitar students this entire past school year. I would not have known what to do without Brian’s expertise, teaching the advanced kids. Thank you for all your incredible support of music in our schools!
-Dr. Eunice Kang
Orchestra Director, Clarke Central High School
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