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Volunteering for HEART Music is a chance to further participate in a long-standing Athens network of artists, educators, and socially-minded individuals aiming to keep our community connected. HEART Music is the perfect place to volunteer if you have an interest in music, education, youth empowerment, or just want to make a difference in your community.

We’ve got a variety of opportunities available, so whether you’ve got 1 hour or 30 days to spare each month, we’d love to have you put your skills to work as a volunteer with us.



Volunteers will be familiarized with our vision and goals and communicate with the volunteer coordinator to find a role they’re comfortable filling in the organization.

  • Special Event Volunteers - You don't want to miss our events? Be part of it!
    We can call you for our events and get your help whenever you’re available. 

  • Technical/Specialized Volunteers - If you have a set of skills you’d like to share with us such as programming, instruments repairs, collecting data, communications, grants writing etc. then let us know! We’re happy to have people in areas where they have some expertise if we can.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please click the button below

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