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Working with HEART Music teachers has been a positive experience for all of my students. I am so thankful that they are offering their services for free and that they approached me to help out!
-Angela Manous
Band Director, Coile Middle School


Help us help others

What makes our program important is that we hire the highest quality musicians to teach public school students at no cost to the students or schools, and our teaching takes place at school during class time, eliminating financial, transportation and scheduling barriers to music education. Our teachers are professionals, all having at least a masters degree or equivalent experience, and are equipped to teach beginners through advanced students. All of our administrative team members are volunteers, including our executive director, and because we teach at the public schools during class time, we have no building rental or utility fees. With very low overhead, approximately 84% of our total budget goes to paying our high quality teachers to work with students; therefore, the direct impact of funds we receive is high.


Please consider donating to HEART Music. Your donation will directly impact students in Athens-Clarke County by allowing us to provide specialized small group and one-on-one instruction at school, during class time. In this way every student participating in the music program benefits from our teachers' expertise.

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