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Our Generous Sponsors

We are so very grateful to the following people and companies who have shown their dedication to music education in Athens by supporting HEART Music.

Grand Piano

Our HEARTbeats (monthy donors):

Anonymous in memory of Miss Myrtle Harrell

Ellen Bargeron in memory of Carl Lindberg

Charlene Brickman

Ashley and Rebecca Floyd

Kellie Henry

Whitney Holley

Vivian LeBlanc

Nada and Zip Long

Serena Scibelli

Manito Percussion in memory of Carl Lindberg

Robert Moser

The Musicsmiths

Oconee Music

one L Music

Leslie Sokal-Berg

Lucas Tavares-McAuliffe

Rosemary Woodel


Our HEARTthrobs:

Screenshot_2020-12-10 About Us – Georgia
Joiner Logo.jpg

Allegro: Lively Music for Children

Tanya and Paul Allen

Another Chance Productions

Athens Wedding Music

The Atticus Gift

Russell Baker

Curtis Barnett - Barnett TKD Academy

Lillie Barnett

Lisa and Tim Bartholow

Lisa Bayer

Martha Beeson

Jill Blades

Blue Wall Consulting

Brittany Bramlett

Dusty Brown

Evan Michael Bush

JP Caillault in honor of Dr. Eunice Kang

Georgia Calhoun

Paul Calkin

Erin Campbell

Blake Cannon

Lisa and Bob Capuozzo

John Certusi

Tiffany and Keith Clements

Jeni Clewell

Nicole Chamberlain

Jim Cheney

Susan and Kerry Cox in honor of Natalie Smith

Anna Crook

Todd Curless

David Daly

Kate deDufour

Kate and Taylor Dickerson

Gary Douberly in honor of Andrew Robinson

Bertis Downs

Mollie Echols

Sarah Ehlers

Emily Eng

Stan Flanders

Joy Flint in honor of Bill and Jackie Pierson

Laura French in honor of William L. Jones

Kerry Fulford

Melanie Garland

Karrie Gawron

Stacey Gay

Alison Gilbert

Jessica and Terry Grayson

Leslie Hale

Shinae Han

Karen Hankins

Heather Harris in honor of Marjorie Harris

Laurie Hart

David Harvey

Todd Headley

Kate Hodges

Leigh Holland

Grace Huang

Huang Piano Studio

Michael Jacobs in honor of Susan Daniel

Harriett Jones

Kathy and Colin Jones

Elizabeth Kaye

Scott Kinney - Kinney Design

Klein Piano Studio

Robert Klein

Julia Knight

Christina LaFontaine

Anastasia Lakhano

Sarah Lawing

Judy Leavell in honor of Leslie Sokal-Berg

Carol Lloyd

Linda Loftin

Doug Maloney in honor of Megan Williams

Angela Manous

Traci Mazurek

Chip McDaniel

Tina McDowell

Nancy McDuff

Laura McGreevy

Dave McKenzie

Amelie Melendez

Parker & Kent Middleton

Rebecca Miller

Stephen Mitchell

Amanda Mooney

Kristen Morales

Jenny Mortensen

Kathy Morris

Alison and Todd Mueller

Eileen Murray

Rachel Murthy in honor of Susan Daniel

Terry Nestor

Quint Newcomer in honor of Sharon Bell

Lynda Norris

Tony Oscar

Judith Ord-Hume

Graham and Will Paschal

Susanna Rains Moriarty

Nancy Riley

Pascale Riley

Ellen Ritchey

Allison and Jeremy Roberts

Rick Rose

Mary Rugg

Sarah Sajdak

Susan Schaffer

Hoi Pang and Gerald Seixas

in honor of Rosemary Woodel

Eiko Sencil

Susan Shiplett

Bronson Sigur

Jess Sigur - In Play Family Counseling

Melanie Sgrignoli Studio

April Moore Skelton

Dan and Katie Smith

Ben Snyder

Kane Stanley in memory of Carl Lindberg

Lucile Stephens

Carol Story

Jessica Thomas in honor of Wayne Broom

Windy Vereen

Liz Vergili

Janie Voss

Marci White

James Williams

Megan Williams

Ashley Wilson

Michelle Wilson

Rosemary Woodel in honor of Gerry Seixas

Amy Wraga

Victoria Wynne

Anon - in honor of Chris and Allison Workman

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